Restaurant of Exercise

The 3 courses of a dining experience are commonly known, have a logical sequence and can be applied to create a ‘3 course’ exercise routine of aerobic, anaerobic and stretching.

Much like selecting which options or combinations you desire at a restaurant, combinations of the three exercise options can be created to suit exercise goals, abilities and time. Many variations on the order of exercise exist as do categories of exercise depending on opinions and experiences. A basic plan could be as follows;

The Appetiser – Cardio (Aerobic) Exercise

Cardiovascular (Cardio) or Endurance is the training of choice for many people due to its association with the ability to burn calories and fat loss. Cardio training increases the heart rate and intake of oxygen whilst using large muscle groups. Benefits of cardio include improved heart health, release of ‘feel good’ hormones, increased metabolism and better utility of glucose from the muscles resulting in improved management of Type 2 diabetes.

The Main – Strength Training (Anaerobic) Exercise

Strength or resistance training involves controlled, specific movements for individual muscle groups with varying degrees of resistance (weights) dependant on user ability. It is associated with lean, sculpted muscular results and increased strength. Benefits from strength training include increased muscle size and strength, flexibility, good posture due to strong supportive muscles, increased bone density and conditioning of the body. It can also result in better sleeping patterns.

The Dessert – Stretching

There are 2 types of stretching; static stretching which involves holding a specific position for a period of time and dynamic stretching which involves stretching exercises that include movements such as swinging or bouncing to extend motion range and flexibility. Each type has many different ways to carry out stretching. Benefits of stretching include increases in flexibility, muscular endurance, decreased soreness and injury and improved posture and appearance.

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