The Healfie Summer Campaign

The Healfie summer campaign is designed to reach customers during the traditional time of decision making and lifestyle changing around their health and physical appearance. It’s also the time for New Year resolutions and planning of new behaviours which often include better eating, new exercise regimes and better management of stress. The Healfie Summer Campaign is designed to connect these customers with the products they need to make these changes stick and help them in achieving the results they are aiming for. 

How can you participate?

1. Submit a 'My Healfie Business' Profile

The 'My Healfie Business' profile is a way to personally connect with customers and promote your products.

As a valued business owner in the Healfie marketplace we would love to feature you and your business, with a focus on what being healthy means to you. Simply use the contact form below to answer the following questions about the three pillars of health covered on the Healfie website. This is also a chance to highlight the benefits of your products and ways to use them so be sure to mention your favourite product so it can be featured!

My Healfie Business Questions

  1. What does being healthy mean to you?
  2. What are your top tips for eating healthy?
  3. What is your go-to choice for physical activity and how do you fit it in?
  4. How do you relax or manage stress?
  5. What is your number one must-have product for healthy living?

Please include your Storbie shop name and URL when submitting your answers.

2. Nominate your top summer product deal into the Healfie Summer category

To promote a product in the Healfie Summer Deals promotion head to the Healfie Summer Deals category  in your Markets tab and nominate your top summer health product that will help customers get and stay healthy this summer! This product must be on special (preferably at least 20% off).

How to nominate your product

You can nominate 1 product in the Healfie Summer category. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your shop Manage area
  2. Click on the Markets tab where you will see the Healfie marketplace among other marketplaces. If you can't see Healfie please contact and we'll add you in
  3. Click 'Show' next to the Healfie Available Categories 
  4. Scroll to find the Healfie Summer Deals category and click 'Choose' 
  5. Search for your desired product by name and add it to the category.
  6. Click Finish
  7. The Healfie Summer Deals category will now appear under Healfie in Chosen Categories. You can edit your chosen products in any category by clicking the wheel icon next to that category, or remove all of your products from the category by clicking remove.

If you have any questions please contact

Use the form below to submit your 'My Healfie Business' Profile