Healfie Movement Info

As little as 30-60 minutes of total activity per day can have a large impact on not only your shape but also the functioning of your muscular skeletal and cardiovascular systems. Movement that increases your heart rate doesn’t have to mean sweating and grunting at the gym; yoga, walking outdoors and even de-cluttering all count and also assist in the production of chemicals vital to a happy healthy mind.

Movement is what we are naturally designed to do, no matter our age or stage, a body that moves is a body that is ready to achieve high and perform well, so why not breathe in deeply and get started on your fitness path with the following movement statements;

Don't be a statue

Sitting still or in the same position for long periods can lead to cramping, aches, pains and lethargic behaviour. Stretch or move at regular intervals.

15 or 50 minutes. Be active everyday

A quarter of an hour each day is minimum amount of moderate intensity exercise your body craves to aid in necessary processes such as lymphatic drainage and assist the immune system.

For more benefits 5x7 365

For advanced benefits such as weight loss and increased strength increase the amount of exercise to a total of 5 hours a week at moderate to vigorous intensity.

Muscles aren't just at the beach

Strength training at least 2 days a week assists in muscle maintenance and acquisition.

Even a little start can lead to gaining a lot

Everyone starts somewhere, any movement is better than no movement, your body is a temple that cannot be built in one day.

Sources: New Zealand Ministry of Health